It all started with me wanting to buy my daughter a Chica doll from Sprout’s Sunny Side Up show. I realized they don’t sell a good one and thought, “hell I could probably make one.” After googling some puppet creation tutorials, I figured I should probably start with something simple. That turned into me diving headfirst into creating a “muppet” styled puppet of my own. Meet Carter!

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Carter is a puppet trying to make it in a human world. Often feeling alone and misunderstood, he never really knew what he wanted to do with his life. That was until he came across an old rerun of the Muppet Show. Seeing people like him entertaining and capturing the viewer as they did simply entranced him. He was instantly obsessed! He began acting in community theater, taking singing, dancing, and even comedy classes anywhere and everywhere he could. His goal in life is to become one of the Muppets, no matter the cost! Granted, he is still waiting for an agent to call (ANY agent. If you know one please send them his way.) He has a goal and no one will deter him from it! A puppet can dream can’t he?!

Overall he was great fun to build. Puppet number one down. Can’t wait to build more! Thanks Project Puppet! Your patterns have shown me the way…