The Awakened – Issue #1

Gabe had a late night craving for some Taco Stix®. His usual order was a sack of Taco Stix® and a large Cola Pop® with lite ice. So he was quite surprised when the universe added a hip hop spell caster and a demon who wants to kill him as well.

He should have realized beforehand that satisfying his hunger meant enlisting in an adventure of biblical

He probably would have eaten somewhere else…


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Zombie Comedians

While at Wizard World 2011, I was shocked to see that Zombies were still ruling the roost. So I thought, “what is the most ridiculous zombie pitch I could think of?” Zombie Comedians was born. It’s about the artist and I pitching an idea to a “big shot” Hollywood producer. That idea being an evil scientist who zombifies comedians. However, that scientist did not realize the rage Gallagher harbored inside of him for being named number 100 on the 2004 Comedy Central’s top 100 comedians of all time list.


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The Courier

I wanted to do a Sci Fi Western set in a barren future that had to do with a bad ass delivering something from point A to B. I’ll leave it at that as to not ruin anything story wise.


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The Pond

I was given the opportunity to be part of a horror anthology where we were tasked to come up with horror stories revoloving around the theme of winter. I pitched the idea I had to my wife, and she was disturbed. That is when I thought, “well I think that works then.”


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I’ve always wanted to write a “manga.” Akira has always been a huge influence, and I always dig stories that revolve around high school. It’s just one of those universal settings that I everyone can relate to. Mix in some demons and action and you got me. This is my take.


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Top Cow went and did it again, so I entered again, but didn’t win again… but I really dug my submission again… and I will totally enter again. Third time’s the charm right? Enjoy!

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Top Cow made a movement to give writers and artists a chance at breaking in. They allowed people to take a handful of Artifact bearers and write story arcs based around them. I loved my submission. It didn’t win, but I tell myself it’s because I  had some world altering stuff that may have not gelled with the current direction they had planned. But regardless, here it is.




Stan Lee had a writing competition awhile back where he gave a world and characters and asked writers to take a stab at a story arc. Here was mine.






Cyrcadian Rule

Cyrcadian Rule is a fresh epic fantasy adventure structured around the classic hero’s journey made popular by noted American Mythologist, Joseph Campbell. It takes place on a very young Earth, long before the dinosaurs existed, and centuries before the great divide occurred. Back then, the planet was known to its people asCyrcadia… The age was one of magic, known as the Age of Crystal; which took place just after the Ancients left the planet entrusted to Man. This was not a world of Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs, but rather a world of the Cyrcadian Rones of Man, the cat-like manimals known as the Talons, and the pale, white-eyed, ground-living humanoids known as the Tyrinians.

The story revolves around the last Cyrcadian Rone named Edin and his quest to stop an evil race that has managed to cover the land in darkness by stopping the rotation of the planet and controlling the orbit of the moon. The setting is rooted in a classic medieval era, with tones of futuristic elements intertwined. So its feel is one of Fantasy, infused with Science Fiction. This comes from the world’s ever dependent use of the beloved Cyrcadian ore: crystal… It is mined, cut, and used in a myriad of ways including holding magical properties, enhancing weaponry, powering vehicles, and it is the key to governing the soul of Cyrcadia’s very existence:balance

It is up to Edin and the companions he meets along the way to restore this balance and ensure that people of the future can enjoy the beautiful gift of life on the planet now known as Earth… It is a story of hope, faith, and adventure that will surely be enjoyed by children of all ages, especially boys 8-14, and adults as well.


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Chain Letter: Don’t Break the Cycle

Chain Letter is a teen horror slasher that takes place on a haunted plantation in Louisiana. A group of teens receive letters that request their presence at a certain location to keep their dark secrets from being known. Death, love, humor, and mystery await the unsuspecting teens.


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El Nagual

El Nagual is essentially The Magnificent Seven meets the Mexican legend of the creature known as El Nagual. A group of hunters band together to help a town of terrozied citizens that are unable to help themselves.


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Hear We Go Again

A spec script of Curb Your Enthusiasm


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A spec script for That 70’s Show


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