Another C2E2 came and went and I think I enjoyed it more than last year. Part of it could be that it was the first year I didn’t get a table, but w/ Reed Pop nickel and dimin’ creators it’s kind of ┬áhard to make getting one justifiable. I mean if you’re going to continually jack the price – make it worth it. DC wasn’t even there this year. I still say if a con is in your backyard, you should get a discount.

Anyway, being free from con table shackles I was able to really take in all the show had to offer. Mainly, I finally managed to catch some great panels – something I’ve wanted to do for years now. It may pay off too. I was able to get some submission packages into some editor hands which is always a plus.

As always, it was great to catch up with other indie creators and even brawl it up with some of them in Injustice at one of the after parties! I also got the chance to speak with Israel Idonije from the Bears who came out with a comic and started a Chicago based publishing company which rocks.

Annnnnnnd lastly, I picked up some long needed trades and a cool piece for the study. Pics below! Till next time…