But for good reason! My wife Brenda and I gave birth to this beautiful gem of a baby girl. Meet Nora Rose James, born on June 14th 2012!




It’s been a crazy amazing ride and we love her to death. But have no fear, my productivity is still alive. I just finished writing a nine page short that is now in production, The Awakened Issue 2 is being cranked on, and I’m actually banging out my first novel! Sounds crazy to say, but it’s even crazier that I’m ACTUALLY doing it. I’m 32k words in and about half way through. Stay tuned.


I also need to give a shout out to Fantum Breed for getting me in last minute to Wizard World Chicago 2012. I did a Sunday guest appearance and it felt good to get some con action in. Can’t wait for the next one!


Anyway, just wanted to check in and introduce our noodle Nora and let you all know I’m still cranking away doin’ work.


Till next time!