It’s here! And we will be there! Tim Jensen and i will be representing at Artist Alley, table J6. We went and set up today and it looks awesome. Last year’s C2E2 was our very first con, and we didn’t even technically have a table. We showed up with a 3 page black and white preview of The Awakened. Fast forward to one year later, and we have released the full 22 page color issue of The Awakened – gotten it onto iBooks, Amazon, Android, and whatever other platforms Graphicly has expanded on to…completed an anthology horror short with a group of super talented creators, AND are debuting James Jensen Shorts Volume 1! Talk about a busy year! Well Tim, hats off brother. Who knew this is something that we would stick with, let alone get hooked on doing. I’m proud of us and you should be too! You rock man!

So come check us out! Show some support and get your copy of: